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Terms and Conditions

Concrete Pump Hire and Laying Service

1. The Owner (Ian Parker Contractors)

2. The Hirer (Customer)

3. The Customer shall provide at their own expense, and ensure that a reasonable competent supervisor is in attendance at the beginning, throughout and at the end of the pumping operation to assist the operator and to ensure work is carried out to their satisfaction and on completion of works to sign off as satisfactory (failure to have a competent person in attendance is a the Customers own risk and no liability thereafter will be taken by the owner.

4. The Customer shall provide a suitable area for washing off of the concrete pump and associated equipment. The cleaning up of this area is the responsibility of the Hirer.

5. Where the work is to be carried out from a public highway or street the hirer must provide adequate surface protection and traffic management at the expense. Any damage to surface and subsequent claims are at the Hirer's risk.

6. All times quoted by the company for the arrival of the pump at the Hirer's premises or site are approximate and in this respect time shall not be of the essence and no claim of any nature will be accepted in respect thereof.

7. The Owner is not responsible for the quality or delivery timing of the concrete. Where concrete has been ordered by the Owner under the instruction of the Hirer it is at the Hirer's own risk.

8. (Pump Hire Only) The Hirer shall ensure that sufficient competent labour is made available to assist the operator to prepare the pump for leaving the site of operations at the completion of pumping.

9. The Hirer will be responsible for securing a safe area that involves the pumping operations and subsequent surrounding area that may be effected by the pumping operations.

10. Confirmation of a provisional booking must be made by the Hirer no later than 12 noon the day before the proposed hire date. The Owner reserves the right to allocate the pump to a confirmed booking as opposed to a provisional booking. No further notice will be given. The owner shall have no liability to the Hirer in respect to any consequential losses.

11. Cancellation of a confirmed booking must be made by 8.30am the day before the hire date. In the event of the cancellation of a confirmed booking after the aforementioned time the Hirer will be charged a minimum hire rate in accordance with the pump and labour ordered.

12. The Hirer will be responsible for the cost of any tyre damage or puncture that occurs on the site of operations.

13. The Hirer will be responsible for the replacement cost of any ancillary equipment (pipes, clips etc) damaged or lost during the period of hire of the pump and equipment.

14. The Hirer will be responsible for all the costs involved in recovering and subsequent damage caused should the pump be unable to leave the site due to the ground conditions or any other reasons outside the control of the owner or operator.

15. In the event that the Contract specifies a particular type of Pump, the Owner reserves the right to supply a suitable alternative Pump to that specified. Acceptance of the Pump on site shall be acceptance of the variation of the Contract in respect of the Pump supplied and the Owner shall have no liability to the Hirer in respect of that variation.

16. When a hire charge is paid in advance the minimum hire cost will be made. On completion of hire any additional monies owed will be payable on the day. Credit Terms are Payment before Hire Date.

17. Notification of any disputes must be made in writing with 5 days of the invoice date. Time being of the essence.

18. The Owner reserves the right to charge interest on all outstanding monies outside the agreed credit terms. Interest and compensation will be claimed under The Late Payment and Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Interest will continue to accrue up to date of settlement.

19. All accounts beyond our credit terms will be passed to our debt collection agency, Sinclair Goldberg Price Ltd. All accounts, without exception, will be subject to a surcharge of 15% plus vat on Limited Company/Public Sector Body debts and 20% plus vat on Consumer/Non-Limited Commercial debts to cover our costs in recovery. These accounts will also be subject to any legal costs incurred in obtaining settlement.